Lolita Kawaii Event with Rinrin and Misako part 1

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Hello dear readers,

I went to the Lolita Kawaii Weekend in Utrecht on Saturday. I met RinRin Doll and Misako Aoki  there,I’m so happy because of that.This time I had to travel alone to Utrecht, it took me so long to get there… There were already many lolitas when I arrived at the Utrecht central station. Everyone looked so beautiful! I talked with a few lolitas and then it was time to leave to the venue.

kawaii event
After a short walk we arrived at the venue. All the people at terrace were staring at us, haha. It’s understandable, even I have never seen so many lolitas at the same time and place. Then our tickets were checked and we got a name card in the form of a heart. So cute!  ~~

Then it was dress up time. I needed to finalize my outfit. Traveling in full lolita isn’t recommended, that why I always need to fix all the things I messed up during traveling. When I was ready Jannike made this outfit picture. The lighting is bad, I’m sorry!

kawaii event outfit-001

jsk & blouse: angelic pretty
bag: baby the stars shine bright
socks: metamorphose
rest: offbrand

The venue was beautiful, it had a classy and elegant ambiance. I have visited many restaurants in my life, but this one was special. I really liked the chandeliers, if I was rich I would love to have one like that, haha.



Leyla the organizer of the event, welcomed the guests and  introduced the staff. When she was finished Misako and Rinrin arrived at the tea party. They looked adorable! I loved  their outfits, they are so stylish. Misako wore a beautiful pink baby the stars shine bright dress with lots of ribbons and lace. Rinrin wore Eternal Rose Bouquet, that’s one of my favorite dresses from Angelic Pretty. Then they introduced their selves and showed us a slide show with their favorite shops and restaurants in Tokyo. It was time to start with the high tea.  The food was so special and delicious.  I really liked it!


There would be a special bingo at the Tea party. Bingo is with numbers, normally. This time we needed to fill out the bingo form ourselves. Not with number, but with names. It was a sort of game to get to know each other.  In the meantime, RinRin and Misako went to different tables to talk with us.


These two pictures are with the lolitas from my table. (Eveline, Rosalynn, Katie, Dido and Emilie) I couldn’t get the chance to take a picture with Rinrin, that was unfortunate. Our group talked too long with her, haha. She noticed I was sad about it and then she ask me if I still wanted a picture. That’s so kind of her! I’m incredibly happy with this picture. Later, Misako talked about her inspirations. Cute animals are a great inspiration for her outfits, she said.  The girls at my table were amazing and kind.  I met most of them before, it was so nice to see them again. And it was great to meet Emilie, she is from Switzerland and she traveled to the Netherlands for this event.

I will continue talking about this amazing event in the next blog post. There were so many activities and so many things happened that day, I can’t summarize it in one blog post.

Thank you for reading and see you next time hopefully! ^__^
Photographers: Jannike, ME – Fotografie, and myself. Do not use the pictures without permission from the photographer, please.