Kawaii event with RinRin and Misako part 2

Hello dear readers,

This is my second post about the Lolita Kawaii Weekend in the Netherlands. I will continue with the bingo. In my last post I was talking about this special bingo. It’s not with numbers, it’s with names. Everyone got a bingo card with 9 empty boxes. You need to talk to other lolitas and asked them of their names. That’s a great way to get to know each other. Especially when you are not good with meeting new people, like me.


So… I was walking around the venue to talk to people. It was quite difficult to get 9 names. It was better to fill out names of lolitas you haven’t met before. I twinned with Oh Tralala and Chibi Risa. That was so much fun. It was nice to meet them. When RinRin and Misako finished visiting all the different groups, it was time to start with the bingo. It’s was so exciting! The first price was skirt and the other prices excited of various brand items. And the Japanese crew also gave away prices, so you could also win Simmer sets.

I was so lucky! I won a Swimmer set and candy from Japan! ^__^


Then it was time to take some pictures with RinRin and Misako if you did not have the chance before. After that the photographer took a group picture. Cookies for the person who can find me!


We said goodbye to Misako and RinRin, because the tea party was going to end. My friends decided to go to the Dom garden, it’s the garden of the Dom church. It’s a beautiful place in the middle of Utrecht,  it’s very quiet there even though.  We decided to get some drinks first and some of us wanted to change outfits for the evening event. It’s warm here for days, Dutch people aren’t used to this weather.

156529_10200235130347853_424506450_n (1)
We took some pictures there and enjoyed being in a quiet and beautiful place. Luckily there weren’t many tourists, just a few who thought it was already summer darkness. The first picture is the not so original shoe group picture and the second one is a picture with Josine. Look at here outfit, she looks so beautiful! You really look like snow white. ^_^ She made about 5 ~~ 10 knitted apple hairpins and brooches which is unfortunately not noticeable. Amazing don’t you think?! Then we went to a pancake restaurant near the canals. No one dared to order a surprise menu, so I can’t tell you any funny stories expect for ones about the staring guests. I went to this restaurant with my lolita friends once and we all ordered a surprise menu. Guess what? We got handcuffs… That’s not a very appropriate surprise, haha. It was funny at least!

When we left the restaurant it was time to walk to Tivoli for the evening event. Misako, RinRin and Scarlet Penta were going to perform at the evening event.  It was a special concert because it was going to be RinRin’s debut concert.  There was a fashion show, Linda Friesen showed 4 o’clocks new collection. And everyone could win great prizes by participating the outfit contest. Misako and RinRin changed outfits, they looked wonderful! RinRin’s outfit especially made for her by Angelic Pretty. Even her name was written on a ribbon. Misako wore the new juicy baby love love berries jsk, with matching socks and a cute straw hat.

It was time for Misako and RinRin to perform after they showed us how to walk during the outfit contest. I loved their songs and their performances, so cute. *_* I would like to show you some videos which Damiën made.

After their performances we got time to buy some merchandising, to get a drink or to dance.  It’s was time to party like a lolita. If anyone tells you lolitas cannot party, look at this!


The outfit contest started after a short pause, everyone looked so beautiful. My friends Josine and Renske both won the contest. Josine the second prize and Renske the first prize. They totally deserved to win! I loved Renske’s outfit, it was so unique and pretty! She is the princess of indie brands. ^_^


Then it was time for the fashion show from Linda Friesen, (4 o’clock) it was a mixed show with high fashion and lolita. Her designs are absolutely gorgeous! *_* I would love to have another 4 o’clock dress.  Click for the 4 o’clock facebook. 

Scarlet Penta was the last artist who performed at the Kawaii event. Her voice is amazing, I really liked her performance. And she looked so pretty. I totally adored her outfit.


That’s the end of the Kawaii event’s first day. I said goodbye to my friends and Misako and RinRin. Rinrin was very nice when I left, she asked my if I also going to the picnic on Sunday, but I told her I couldn’t make it because I live far away from Utrecht. She told me that she was glad that went to the kawaii event. And she told me I was cute, which made me very happy. I want to show you a picture with lolita friends and Misako & RinRin.



I want to thank Leyla and the Japanese staff for organizing this event. It was great to meet RinRin Doll and Misako Aoki and the whole event was so special. It was an unforgettable day! Hopefully there will be more events like this in the future. And thank you Renske for letting me stay at your house, I really appreciate that. ^__^


Pictures & videos by: Damiën, M.E fotografie and Stacey.
Maybe I add some pictures later! Thanks for watching and see you next time! ^_^