Bloesem, the shironuri doll!


I would Iike to show you my new doll, Bloesem. Bloesem is Dutch for blossom, I like how this word sounds in Dutch. It’s one of the most beautiful Dutch words I think. Bloesem is a shironuri doll. Shironuri is Japanese subculture/fashion/art, depends how you look at it or what’s the meaning behind it. It’s not that easy to explain. Shironuri (白塗り) literally means painted white face. I love shironuri that’s why I decided to buy a shironuri doll which I can style myself. That’s more difficult than it sounds like. I have never seen a shironuri doll before. Bloesem’s style is inspired on Minori. She is one of the most famous shironuri artists. Her style is not completely like Minori, Bloesem’s style is cute she is a sort of kawaii shironuri girl, while Minori’s style is more inspired on nature. Bloesem is a Peakswoods Koonies. 

It’s time to show you a few pictures:








Thank you for watching! 


2 thoughts on “Bloesem, the shironuri doll!

    • Dank je wel! Ik ben nog steeds zo blij met de face-up, die is echt perfect. Alles is gewoon symmetrisch, zo geweldig! Het is zo leuk om outfits voor Bloesem te bedenken, helaas schiet het niet echt op omdat ik te veel ideeën heb haha.

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