I’m back again!

Hello everyone!

A blog post again, it took some time. The past few weeks were so busy and hectic, there was no time left to blog.
Luckily I had a great time, I saw many of my friends again and I went to London with friends. Now it’s time to start with school, it’s my second year as a student. It’s nice to see all my classmates again, at the same time it’s so difficult because I haven’t done anything for school for the past two months.


I want to write about so many things: a Senor Bear review, the lolita summer picnic, Frock On, my London trip and some lolita fashion related things. There are so many things on my mind right now. Oh, I should not forget that I bought one of my dream dresses which I never even could dream of buying. It’s a quite rare piece. Hopefully it will arrive soon.

So stay tuned!


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