Liebster award!

Cathrine from Mcduff’s Auditorium tagged me for a blog award. A liebster award to be exactly. Thank you very much! I never expected this. My blog is still new and I haven’t written many blog posts. This is such a nice surprise. ^__^
 ✰Write 11 random facts about you✰
✰Answer the 11 questions you got asked by the person that tagged you✰
✰Tag 11 bloggers with less then 200 followers and link them✰
✰Ask the the bloggers you tagged 11 questions✰

Random Facts about me

✰My favorite animals are cats, alpacas and bats.
✰ I love to travel, I’m going to London soon and hopefully I get the chance to go to Venice or Prague for a few days this year.
✰ I can’t remember my own natural hair color.
✰ I think that more lolitas should wear hats. Hats are so elegant. ♥
✰ I’m studying in Amsterdam. I love that city!
✰ Someday I’m going to visit a cat cafe.
✰ I can’t live without music.
✰ I collect toys, my collection exist mainly of stuffed animals and polly pocket.
✰ I love to read.
✰ Half of my collection lolita clothing is offbrand/indie brand/ handmade.
✰ I’m listening to 30 seconds to mars right now.


1) Which do you prefer, olive oil or sun flower oil?
Probably olive oil, because I’m to lazy to get something else haha.
2) What’s your personal style like? Describe.
My personal style, it changed a little bit since last year. It used to be lolita inspired, which it isn’t anymore.
Of course I still wear lolita, haha. My normal style looks like I haven’t thought about dressing decently, it’s like I picked some clothes and just wear them. It does look a little bit messy sometimes. The funny part of this is, that I think about all of my outfits, even when I haven’t got much time for it. My lolita style is completely different. Every coord has to look elegant, with a touch of cuteness. When I wear lolita I want to look like the perfect porcelain doll.

3) Describe your dream dress.If it has to be an existing dress, it would be Cherry Berry Bunny from Angelic Pretty or the Cathedral from Moitie.

If not, I would like to have a black porcelain doll-like dress with a bustle skirt. The dress must be inspired on the Victorian era. And vampire influences for so far it’s possible. (maybe some bats and things like that)

4) Whats your favorite cereal?

I don’t have one…

5) If you could organize a Lolita meet what would you do?A Fairy tale meet, dress up like your favorite fairy tale character.

6) Have you ever tried eating pet food?No I haven’t… Maybe when I was young?

7) If for one day you could be anyone famous, who would you be and why?Uhmm… I dunno…

8) What’s your favorite Disney movie?The little mermaid or Snow white.

9) Your in a theme park, which ride do you go on first?A roller coaster, of course!

10) Do you like aquariums?Yes, I love aquariums! ♥ Especially aquariums with jellyfish.

11) How many petticoats do you normally wear whilst wearing Lolita?Normally just one, I have a petticoat from Classical Puppets and those are awesome!


1. What’s your favorite band/singer?
2. What’s your dream dress? Describe. ^^
3. What do you want the most at the moment? (material or immaterial)
4. Which countries do you want to visit?
5. Do you have pets? Yes? Please tell me more about them!
6. Do you collect something?
7. What does lolita fashion mean to you?
For non-lolitas, what do you think of lolita fashion?
8. If you were a flower, which flower would you be?
9. Pepsi or Coca Cola?
11. What’s you favorite city?
11. What’s your favorite book?


I don’t feel like tagging 11 blogs, if you have read all this, I give you an award. Just comment and answer these questions on your blog. ~~ I suppose nobody will, but yeah… it was fun to write this post anyway. ^_^


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