Liebster award!

Cathrine from Mcduff’s Auditorium tagged me for a blog award. A liebster award to be exactly. Thank you very much! I never expected this. My blog is still new and I haven’t written many blog posts. This is such a nice surprise. ^__^
 ✰Write 11 random facts about you✰
✰Answer the 11 questions you got asked by the person that tagged you✰
✰Tag 11 bloggers with less then 200 followers and link them✰
✰Ask the the bloggers you tagged 11 questions✰

Random Facts about me

✰My favorite animals are cats, alpacas and bats.
✰ I love to travel, I’m going to London soon and hopefully I get the chance to go to Venice or Prague for a few days this year.
✰ I can’t remember my own natural hair color.
✰ I think that more lolitas should wear hats. Hats are so elegant. ♥
✰ I’m studying in Amsterdam. I love that city!
✰ Someday I’m going to visit a cat cafe.
✰ I can’t live without music.
✰ I collect toys, my collection exist mainly of stuffed animals and polly pocket.
✰ I love to read.
✰ Half of my collection lolita clothing is offbrand/indie brand/ handmade.
✰ I’m listening to 30 seconds to mars right now.


1) Which do you prefer, olive oil or sun flower oil?
Probably olive oil, because I’m to lazy to get something else haha.
2) What’s your personal style like? Describe.
My personal style, it changed a little bit since last year. It used to be lolita inspired, which it isn’t anymore.
Of course I still wear lolita, haha. My normal style looks like I haven’t thought about dressing decently, it’s like I picked some clothes and just wear them. It does look a little bit messy sometimes. The funny part of this is, that I think about all of my outfits, even when I haven’t got much time for it. My lolita style is completely different. Every coord has to look elegant, with a touch of cuteness. When I wear lolita I want to look like the perfect porcelain doll.

3) Describe your dream dress.If it has to be an existing dress, it would be Cherry Berry Bunny from Angelic Pretty or the Cathedral from Moitie.

If not, I would like to have a black porcelain doll-like dress with a bustle skirt. The dress must be inspired on the Victorian era. And vampire influences for so far it’s possible. (maybe some bats and things like that)

4) Whats your favorite cereal?

I don’t have one…

5) If you could organize a Lolita meet what would you do?A Fairy tale meet, dress up like your favorite fairy tale character.

6) Have you ever tried eating pet food?No I haven’t… Maybe when I was young?

7) If for one day you could be anyone famous, who would you be and why?Uhmm… I dunno…

8) What’s your favorite Disney movie?The little mermaid or Snow white.

9) Your in a theme park, which ride do you go on first?A roller coaster, of course!

10) Do you like aquariums?Yes, I love aquariums! ♥ Especially aquariums with jellyfish.

11) How many petticoats do you normally wear whilst wearing Lolita?Normally just one, I have a petticoat from Classical Puppets and those are awesome!


1. What’s your favorite band/singer?
2. What’s your dream dress? Describe. ^^
3. What do you want the most at the moment? (material or immaterial)
4. Which countries do you want to visit?
5. Do you have pets? Yes? Please tell me more about them!
6. Do you collect something?
7. What does lolita fashion mean to you?
For non-lolitas, what do you think of lolita fashion?
8. If you were a flower, which flower would you be?
9. Pepsi or Coca Cola?
11. What’s you favorite city?
11. What’s your favorite book?


I don’t feel like tagging 11 blogs, if you have read all this, I give you an award. Just comment and answer these questions on your blog. ~~ I suppose nobody will, but yeah… it was fun to write this post anyway. ^_^


Kigurumi time ♥

My cat kigurumi arrived today. It’s so cute and the fabric is very soft. I really like it! I always wanted to have a kigurumi, I’m glad I decided to buy one, haha. It reminds me of my childhood. I used to have a cat costume, you can say I lived in that costume for months until it was too small. Those memories ♥


The cat was around and I wanted to make a funny picture with him.  He decided to run away, haha.




I love my new kigurumi, hopefully you will like it too. I can’t wait to wear my cat kigurumi again. ^__^

Summer darkness day 2 – Lolita fashion show

Hello dear readers,

I’m sorry I wanted to write this post earlier, only there were many other things I needed to do first. I hope you will like the post anyway.


One of my dreams came true two weeks ago. I was a lolita model in a lolita fashion show! I got to model for 4 o’clock one of my favorite brands. Their designs are absolutely breathtaking. It made me so happy! Mfashion organizes each year a lolita fashion show at Summer Darkness. This year was special because 4 o’clock also showed their designs at the fashion show.

I woke up early to dress up for the fashion show. Ellis and I ran out of time because we weren’t supposed to eat our breakfast so slow. Luckily we arrived in time at the meeting point. Then it was time for the fashion show practice, make up and styling.  Linda Friesen, 4 o’clocks designer, did the styling and applied my make up. Linda’s inspiration for the styling was Marie Antoinette.  Marie Antoinette meets gothic lolita, how awesome is that?

IMG_6572                                                    How to make the perfect ribbon?

Then it was show time! It’s fun to model in a fashion show, only it’s a little bit scary too. In the end everything went well. I was worrying for nothing, haha. Let me show you the video. Everyone looked so stylish. ^__^

Then all the models went to flyer for mfashion or 4 o’clock and we talked with many Summer Darkness visitors. Of course there we also many photographers. Linda took some pictures after the fashion show, too. Thanks to them I can show you my full outfit. I hope you will like it!

summer darkness 1


Linda took some pictures for promoting her brand. All the models looked amazing, it was great to be part of a group like that. All the designs are still for sale expect the first one, if you are interested. ^_~

4 o'clock models sd

After that I talked and had some fun with friends. It was nice to see everyone again. ♥ There are a few funny pictures, I keep those for myself on facebook, haha.

                                                                 Lolita Dance Video!!


Group picture, a few people are missing unfortunately…


The card says world peace is possible


With Rosalynn, her coords are always amazing. *_*
She was wearing Jewelry Jelly, which is one of my dream prints, it suits her so well.

summer darkness 33

We went to a Pancake restaurant in the evening. The pancakes were delicious, I love pancakes! ♥ Too bad we arrived late at the Elegant Curiosities & Somnia Romantica fashion show.


The fashion show was awesome, all the models looked great. And their jewelry, it was stunning. I became to love Elegant Curiosities even more after the show. Maybe I will order a hat from them in the future, if I have enough money..

elegant curiosities
Ellis and I went back to pack our bags and then we traveled back to the little village were I live in. Thanks everyone for the amazing day! And thank you Leyla and Linda for organizing the lolita fashion show.

Mfashion ♥ Click ♥
4 O’Clock  ♥ Click ♥

Thanks for watching, see you next time!

Best wishes,


Summer Darkness day 1

Hello dear readers,

I went to Summer Darkness, a gothic/underground festival. There were many concerts, fashion shows, lectures and a market. I went with my friend Ellis to the festival, like last year. It was a little bit unsure until Friday, because we weren’t sure about having a place to stay for the weekend. Luckily everything went well in the end. Expect for the weather, hahaha. When we arrived a Utrecht it suddenly started to rain. It wasn’t just a little shower, no it was a sort of storm.


We went to the Supermarket, hoping the rain would stop soon after we did the groceries. It was still raining. We decided to dress up in lolita. Then the rain suddenly stopped. I thought it would be raining for the whole day. That would be awful because I was wearing my Holy Stained Glass from Moi-meme-Moitie. I don’t think the print can handle so much rain.


Jsk: Moi-même-Moitié
Blouse: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Hat: Vintage
Socks: H&M
Shoes: An-ten-na

Enough complaining about the weather. It’s time to tell you about the festival! Ellis and I went to the market at the Dom square. There were many shops selling their special products, I liked the one with the Venetian masks the most. It was nice to visit the shops at the market, but I liked the marked from last year more. All the photographers wanted to take pictures of us when we arrived at the Dom square. They liked our ‘matching’ outfits. We both wore gothic lolita with old school influences. Someone even asked us: ‘Are you two sisters?’ Of course we aren’t sisters, we look so different!


After visiting the Dom square it was time to go to the Leeuwenbergh church for a steampunk fashion show.  The show was called: Post Nuclear Steam: Venus Preserved.  It was a fashion show mixed with several acts like belly dancing, burlesque and more.



Then Ellis and I were invited to go to a Japanese restaurant with friends. I really liked the food! ♥  The deserts were expensive that’s why we decided to get ice cream somewhere else.


That’s it for today, soon I will write about the Sunday at Summer Darkness. I got to model for one of my favorite brands, 4 o’clock. Stay tuned if you want to read more about the lolita fashion show!