My new blog

This is my new blog. Maybe you already know me, maybe you have never heard of me. I’m Violet, the writer of the blog Angelic Nostalgia. My blog used to have the name SweetLolitaDoll or SweetLolitaDoll94. My style changed a lot since I started wearing Lolita fashion and I also changed. The name SweetLolitaDoll doesn’t suit me anymore.

I decided to start over, with a modern & elegant blog. Hopefully you will like it!  This blog will be about Lolita fashion, Ball Jointed Dolls and thing on my mind. Feel free to ask me something, if you have any questions.

Soon I will update this blog with a post about the Lolita Kawaii Weekend. I can’t believe it, I met RinRin and Misako last weekend! ♥



2 thoughts on “My new blog

  1. Damiën: When you think of it, it seems so surreal that we have met them, isn’t it? Though it was alot of fun 😀

    It was so much fun! There should be more events like this. ♥
    Indeed, meeting Rinrin and Misako was surreal. I’m glad they were so nice!

    (I messed up the settings again, that why I’m answering your comment like this.)

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